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In this lesson we’ll look at what fuels and inspires your brand.

At the end of this exercise we want you to understand the core of your brand, that you are uniquely qualified to be doing what you are doing, and that you have role models for good branding to aspire.

Expected Outcomes…

  • Understanding that you have “what it takes” to inspire others, solely by being in existence (i.e. good quality work)

Unexpected Roadblocks…

  • Difficulty identifying brands that I admire just visually from what I admire values and visually
  • Feeling “not worthy” because they’re big and you’re small (they have teams, etc) – you don’t have to do everything they’re doing
  • Copycat branding – not being afraid of trying something just because someone else has tried it

The one takeaway from this section we want you to delve into…
The caliber of brands you follow will influence your work and how you see branding.