Take your brand to the next level with

a foundational course that will transform the way you market your brand.

Developed by national brand producer, office of awesome, Brand Ignite is designed to take small business owners and entrepreneurs through the art of branding a future. It’s a  strategy-focused course that will give you the insight you need to take your brand from today through tomorrow. This is not a design course, you will not be creating a logo.

What’s in the course?


Exploring Resources

Great brands use everything at their disposal, including experience, training, and outside interests. We look for uniqueness in the brand from every outside angle.


Evaluating Your Business

It’s important to evaluate your business in it’s current state to discover the combination of products and services that are not only working, but the key to unlocking your future brand.


Sparking Future Vision

We bring your awesome brand of tomorrow into focus, getting you excited to for the great changes you can make to build the business of your dreams.


Exciting Creativity

Even the most serious brands need to have fun in marketing, and fun is exploring those unique ways you can talk about the business that will make your ideal customers eyes light up.


Igniting Your Brand

The entire purpose of this course is to get you SO excited about you brand that you can’t wait to market it and you know just how to do it from this day forward.

“The Brand Ignite course gave me an new way of looking at marketing our business. The content was much more than just branding and marketing. It helped me see the value I bring to our business and taught me how to market from a place of being uniquely qualified to provide exactly what our customers need. THAT is the effectiveness of Brand Ignite and why every business can find value in this course.”

Sam T.

City Farmers Nursery

“We’re Rebecca and Leah, Co-Founders of the office of awesome, and creators of Brand Ignite. We’ve been fired up about small businesses and branding for years and excited to finally share the process we use with the big brands with you.”

I want to ignite my brand!